Frequently Asked Questions about Vision Correction

At Dr. Ian D. Baron & Associates, it is our goal to make sure we address your particular vision needs. Whether you have concerns about sitting too close to the computer or questions vision loss, we are here to help you. Here are some questions we frequently receive from our patients. Do you have a question about your vision? Contact us today.

Will Sitting too Close to the Computer or TV Damage My Vision?

Sitting too close to the TV or computer may cause a headache, but will not cause vision damage. If your child or teen is constantly sitting too close to the TV, you may consider having their vision screened.

Will Reading in the Dark Harm My Eyes?

Reading in dim light may cause eye strain, but will not weaken or damage your eyes. The parts of your eye that generate the clearest visual image needs light for proper function.

Will My Eyes Become Dependent on Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Using glasses or contact lenses will not weaken or cause dependence. Your vision changes throughout your lifetime. A routine eye exam is helpful in detecting these changes.

Can You Treat Strabismus?

Strabismus (STRUH-BIZ-MUSS) is the medical term for being “cross-eyed.” There are many causes for eye misalignment and an eye exam is necessary to correctly diagnose the problem. Depending on the cause, some children can be treated using prescription glasses while other cases require surgery. Prompt treatment is integral to prevent losing vision. When vision is lost it is called amblyopia.

Can You Treat Vision Loss?

Vision loss, depending on the disorder, can be treated. In some cases, it can be stopped, reversed or even totally restored. If you suddenly experience decreased vision, visual obstruction or flashing light, we recommend that you make an appointment. If you experience total vision loss, get help immediately.

Will Using a Nightlight Cause My Child to be Nearsighted?

Some studies have suggested that using nightlights may contribute to myopia or nearsightedness. However, there is not enough evidence to support this claim. Using a nightlight in your baby’s room may help stimulate their visual development and eye coordination.

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